Monday, December 2, 2013

A Good Man

I was going to write about the miserable Thanksgiving we had for todays' blog post. We were all sick for the majority of the break except for Saturday when we made it out to a football game. I was going to say how I was bummed I didn't get to do much shopping for Black Friday. I was going to say I was upset that I missed my friend's baby shower.

But it all seems so irrelevant now.

Micah called me a little after eleven this morning to tell me his father had passed.

We knew it was going to happen. He had been losing his fight with cancer over the last few months, but even knowing it was coming, didn't stop the tears from flowing.

I'm so happy that he's not in pain anymore, I'm ecstatic for him that he is in Heaven with the Lord, but my heart is saddened for the wife and four sons he leaves behind.

Micah's dad was one of a kind. He was only a part of my life for the eleven years that Micah and I have been married, but he sure did make an impact. Above all, he was a godly man. He loved his wife of 44 years, he loved his four sons, he loved all us daughter in laws and he loved his eight grandkids. After losing most of his hearing while serving as a Marine in Vietnam, he became a man of a few words. A trait which he passed on to his four boys. He was tough as nails, smarter than most, incredibly talented, building multiple houses with his own two hands for his family. He was a perfectionist, sometimes painfully so. He was an incredibly giving man. He would often pay for things for others anonymously just to bless them, never expecting
anything in return.

He was the epitome of a gentle giant. He loved to play cards, he loved his sweets, and he loved to play basketball. He drove the bus for years for his kids sporting events and between he and his wife, they never missed a sporting event for any of their children. And I think he in all his life only missed two days of work.

He's everything you want your sons to grow up to be. An honest, loving, giving person. A person who is selfless and kind.

I'm so thankful for the father he was to Micah and for the man he has grown to be because of that. I can't imagine what it's like to lose a parent and my heart just breaks for my husband.

Suddenly Christmas shopping, or anything else for that matter, just seems so trivial.

I'll be sure to hug my kids a little tighter tonight and call my family more often on the phone after this. Life is precious and short and there are no guarantees.

I don't think a day will go by when I don't think of Herb. If I could see him just one more time, I'd thank him, thank him for Micah. I couldn't imagine a better husband and father and I know it's because he had such a great example in his dad. I'd thank him for everything. But mostly for being a good man.

We love you Herb.

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