Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Out With The Old

This past week has been a crazy one! A crazy one, but a good one. We went to see the Nutcracker ballet last Monday and it was amazing. We saw it last year as well, but I think it was better this time around since we kind of understood the story a bit more.

We butchered chickens on Christmas Eve and my husband actually ended up slicing his hand and having to drive himself to the ER while me and my oldest son finished the job. It wasn't exactly the way I envisioned Christmas going, but nothing with homesteading ever is. Micah is fine, his hand has healed nicely, it's almost time for him to remove the stitches and we put up a good amount of meat in the freezer.

Brooks got a new bone

Christmas Eve we ended up hanging out here at home since Micah got home from the ER late and we went up to my mom's on Christmas day after opening presents here. We keep gifts simple. Since our kids lack for nothing as it is and I like to make what I can.

The kids and I went down to North Carolina the day after Christmas to see family. Micah stayed behind to hold down the fort. I wish we could have stayed longer, but I am glad we got to see the family, even if it was brief.

This past Sunday Micah had to do a few things in the big ole city, and we happily tagged along as a trip to Chipotle is always reason enough for an hour plus drive. It was a gloomy, rainy day, so we took the kids to the bounce house to play. By the end of the day, we were all pooped and ready to go back home to our little farm. I don't miss living in the city, but I look forward to our monthly trips in so we can shop at places that we don't have access to around here.

Yesterday I planned on staying home all day. In the kitchen. and it was glorious.

My son went with Micah to fix the 4 wheeler (and they did, yay!) while me and my two littles made 5 dozen black strap molasses cookies, a batch of healthy granola bars, 48 packets of instant oatmeal, a quart of hot cocoa dry mix, homemade Vaseline (and it's wonderful!), a loaf of whole wheat bread, and two batches of baked potato soup. I froze one batch and we had the other last night for dinner and we may or may not have eaten the entire loaf of bread. It was just too good!


And while I don't normally make New Year's resolutions, I do want to make a few changes in 2014. Life is crazy with three kids. Their schooling and homework, and then their afterschool activities is all consuming it seems. But I got a little lazy these past few months with football season. We ate out more, and I didn't always cook from scratch.  But I really need to plan my meals better and streamline my time in the kitchen so that I am not always cooking yet I still feed my family real, whole foods that are good for their little bodies and not just convenient for me. One of those ways is by having a monthly 'baking' day like I did yesterday. The oatmeal will last us all month, the cookies will last a good while (I froze some) and I have a dinner in the freezer already made if we have a crazy day ahead.  It won't be easy and I will have to implore my kids for help, but our health is worth it.

We are keeping it simple today by pulling down old fence in preparation for the new fence that's coming. I am excited about what the good Lord has in store for our little homestead this year and I am looking forward to feeding my family healthier in 2014. Happy New Year everyone!

~ Sarah ~

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