Friday, February 14, 2014

A White Valentines Day

We have had a fun few days. We got a good chunk of snow Wednesday evening and we've been enjoying it ever since. Of course schools were closed yesterday and today because that's how we roll her in the south.

But I'm not complaining though. A snow day is a snow day and I'll take it.

Yesterday a few friends came over then we played a little basketball and went to a friends house to play Rook. Today we went sledding and are all home now and exhausted. I think we'll all sleep good tonight.

Micah and I aren't doing anything special for Valetines. And that's alright with me. I am just happy that he was home today with us from work to enjoy the snow and have a snow ball fight with his oldest son.

My youngest son's war wounds from sledding

I'm lucky he's such a great dad to our children and that's the only Valentine I need. But you know, if he wanted to buy me a another dairy goat, I'd be okay with that. Or a milk cow. I'd take a cow. :)

I hope you're enjoying this day with your loved ones as well.

Happy Valentines Day to you!

~ Sarah ~

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