Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Thankful Tuesday

I am having a great week thus far.

We went out last night to see our high school boys basketball team play an awesome game. And came home to a nice warm fire in the stove.

I'm thankful my hubby keeps the house nice and toasty.

I'm thankful that I finished up another cowl last night. My friend asked me to make her beige leg warmers and so I did and I had a little yarn left over and so.... I made a cowl for my little girl. Because one can never have enough cowls...

I'm thankful that my friends pose for pictures of said leg warmers even when they know they will probably end up on the blog. :)

I'm thankful I found this post on free crochet men's sweaters. I'm not sure I can talk my big, burly huth-band into wearing a sweater, but I think he would look just lovely in one. You know, because he's smoking hot.

I'm thankful for a fun day at school this morning where we hosted a 'Breakfast for Pastors'. I love that our school/community recognizes the important role our pastors play.

I'm thankful that we may actually get enough snow tomorrow to take the kiddies sledding.

And as always, I'm thankful for another day with my sweet family.

~ Sarah ~

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