Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring Crochet

Spring has sprung. Mostly. Aside from today's chilly temperatures, it has been pleasant weather wise this week. I busted out the old sandals, painted my toes a bright pink color, and have been going through my closet and pulling out and putting away weather appropriate clothes.

Pardon the poor lighting

I happened upon this top from last summer. It's a cute tunic and there were straps but were flimsy and broke, so I am attempting something like this.... from here....

I love this blog, you totally should check it out. Totally.

Also on the same blog I saw an Anthropologie scarf that I loved.

Which made me remember that I had a gray scarf that I hadn't finished and thought was a little to blah for my taste.

I loved the yarn when I bought it, but then aftering I starting working it up, I thought it was too drab.

I thought maybe if I attempted to add some spring flowers to it, it might work. While hers were crocheted into scarf (mine will just be sewn on) I think I'm digging it. But I must say I love her off white color, my gray, eh, not so much. I'm still deciding whether to sew the flowers on or not.

I also worked up this cowl. I think I might sell it though. You know, since one can only have so many cowls and scarfs. :)

After an afternoon of chasing escaped hogs, this tired mom is going to finish her daughter's cat in the hat gloves for tomorrow's dress up day at school and hit the sack!

I hope you had a great day as well and are as excited about spring as I am.

~ Sarah ~

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