Sunday, June 1, 2014

Strawberry Jam And A Quick Shrug

So yah. It's been awhile.

I blame this whole working thing. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my job. I work at my children's school so I can see them when I want and I love my co-workers and I love my nine minute commute and I love that I have my summers and holidays off, BUT working and trying to raise children and staying on top of the laundry and cleaning and and attempting to create healthy, well balance meals, and then trying to blog. Yah, clearly something had to go. Not that I want to say goodbye to blogging altogether, because I do enjoy it and I enjoy reading about what other fellow homesteaders are doing, but I think I need to not put so much pressure on myself to blog each week. If I get one written, great. If not, that's fine too.

That being said. So much has happened in the past two months. We had a magical time visiting my family in San Diego for Spring Break. I'm not going to lie, it was hard to get on the plane to come back home. I am already looking forward to our next trip out west.

School is *almost* over. I can see summer and it's so close. We have gotten the kids signed up for swim and we've got our camping plans underway. Bring on the lazy days filled with sunscreen and dirty feet and bonfires and beach trips and dinners eaten under the oak tree.


Moving on. My two older babies just finished up their soccer season and I couldn't be more proud of them. Sadly my little guy wasn't quite old enough this season otherwise he would have been out there too.

After our soccer tournament yesterday I dragged took my kids to pick strawberries. It was a new farm that we had never been to before literally in the middle of nowhere, well of course, everything around here is, and we had a blast. Aside from my *minor* melt down in the car on the way down where I very firmly had to tell my children to keep all body parts to themselves, it was the perfect afternoon.

While my hubby mowed the grass today after church, my little guy and I cleaned and chopped and pureed and stirred until we had 16 pints of jam (eight are in the freezer). We have eaten about 5 pounds raw and I froze several pounds to be used in smoothies later.

My kitchen smells divine.

I, along with blogging, had put my crochet hook down for awhile, but after picking strawberries all afternoon yesterday I was feeling very domestic-esque last night so I threw together a little shrug.

It's super easy, it's just a rectangle and I sewed up the sides to make sleeves. I may or may not have plans to make one in every color for my daughter and I.

This is her mom-can-you-make-one-for-me face. :)

It was the perfect weekend. I hope you had a great one too! Until next time...

~ Sarah ~

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