Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Leggings: Seriously, What's The Big Deal?

***Warning, this post is neither farm related nor Etsy shop related.***

If you know me, you know how I feel about leggings. I literally wear them everyday. I have about 30 pair in various fabrics and lengths and textures. To say I am slightly obsessed is a gross understatement.

I don't know when my love affair with this article of clothing began, but all I know is, I don't EVER want it to end.

Recently, a person posted on Facebook that (and I'm paraphrasing) no one over a size 6 should wear leggings.

Yes. I know. Pick your jaw up off the floor. And turn off those steady steam of curse words running through your head. Now, I have no intention  of making anyone feel bad. I don't. Because that would make me just like them. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and that's cool.  I think the problem is that people feel the need to post their opinion on social media for all to see, and sometimes their opinions and the way they are phrased is offensive, especially to the younger, more fragile generation. I get it. I do. Typically society wants us to believe that in order to be beautiful you have to be tall and thin and blond and have blue eyes and weigh no more than 125 pounds wet.

And maybe when I was young and dumb I believed that too. But now that I am an adult and I have a daughter of my own, I can assure you that the word 'fat' is never used in our household. Am I size 6? Nope! Am I completely and utterly comfortable with myself? Absolutely. Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes and we need to love them all no matter their color or weight or religion. I spent too many years in my childhood being insecure with myself and having food issues. It took the love of a really good man, and a lot of years to get over that. I swore that if I ever had children I would never make them feel bad about how they looked. I would never make their looks a priority. I would never use food as a reward or punishment system. Do I think we should take care of our bodies, do I think we should make good healthy choices, of course! Do I think we should obsess over what the scale says? Nope. It will only make us crazy. I encourage my children to eat healthy and exercise but not because I want them to look a certain way. I want my children to live, long, productive lives and I truly could give a rat's tail about how they look.

In leggings. Not a size 6. So there.

That being said, to hear a grown woman comment on a particular clothing item and how it should only be worn by skinny people, kind of makes me sick to stomach, like it doesn't matter what I do at home, my daughter and my sons are still going to be subjected to people in this world who think looks are really that important, and who think the size of your clothes is what makes you attractive.

You know what's important? I'll tell you. Do you exercise three or more times a week? Do you drink plenty of water, do you consume fruits and veggies on a daily basis? Do you get an adequate amount of sleep each night? If you can answer yes to those questions, then it doesn't matter if you are a size 2 or a size 12. Everyone is different. Some of us are fair, some of us are dark, some of us are tall, some of us have thick hair, some of us have thin. Leggings are comfortable. They are versatile. They can be dressed down, and they can dressed up. If you feel like wearing leggings and you feel comfortable in your own skin, then go ahead and rock them. You don't have to be stick thin to wear them and wear them well. I think the leggings idea is that they are tacky and inappropriate in a work setting. Worn correctly and tastefully, I believe they can be very classy. This is just my opinion of course, you are entitled to yours, but you won't ever find me knocking another woman because of the size of her clothes. There is enough drama in this world as it is, do we really need to pick on our fellow sisters? Do we really need to bring size into it? Can't we just love people the way they are? Can't we just support each other instead of tearing each other down? I pray my daughter grows up and surrounds herself with good girlfriends who will have her back no matter what she looks like.

And I myself feel so fortunate to work with this amazing bunch of ladies. They are some of the best people you will ever meet. They are good, kind women and none of them are a size 6. Do I think they are gorgeous? Absolutely! Do I think they look beautiful in their leggings? You betcha. And you know what makes them so stunning? Because of who they are on the inside. Because in my book, that's what makes a person beautiful.

So to my daughter, and all the young women, you wear your leggings. And you rock them. Size 6 or not.

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