Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring Is Near {Thankful Thursday}

Holy crap today was lovely. The weather was amazing. The kind of day you file away in your memory as one of the good ones. It was nice to get outside and not freeze or step in mud or snow or freeze your tail off. It was just a simple, perfect day. And I am so thankful for that.

Rhubarb loves the weather.

The chickens love the weather.

My kids, well, duh, they love the weather.

And me, I love the weather too and it inspired me to sit down and blog. After my sweet friend reminded me last night that it had been awhile (love you Renee!) Life with kids on a farm is busy as usual. Basketball season has wrapped up, soccer is about to begin, and I have put down the crochet hook for awhile. I have also taken the plunge and joined a little online fitness group. It is running for 90 days beginning on March 2nd and going until Memorial Day. Although I was a little bit of a slacker and didn't start until March 4th. Oops. We are just suppose to post when we work out and maybe what we eat. It's a way for fellow busy moms to stay accountable to each other and help support one another. I have no desire to be a super model and refuse to have a scale in my house, but I do think I can take better care of myself and my family by cooking more healthy meals and incorporating more fitness into our lives. We shall see how it goes.

And one change I love is coconut water. I mean it's delightful. Who knew?

And with the change in weather, I am hoping to get out and start walking and I am absolutely looking forward to getting my hands in the garden and being able to eat from our own backyard again. I feel very blessed and thankful to live where we live and have the ability to do what we do. I remember as teenager living in an apartment in San Diego and just thinking that that was not the life I wanted. I never imagined I'd be homesteading in Virginia, but I am so grateful the good Lord led me to Micah and we ended up here. We don't have a perfect life and we don't have it all together, but we are thankful for all that we do have. So until next time blogger land, I'll be getting my tail in shape and I'll be staying thankful.

~ Sarah ~

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