Thursday, September 3, 2015

This Parenting Thing...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, this parenting stuff is not for the faint of heart. Just when I think I've got it figured out, I get thrown a curve ball. And maybe the good Lord is teaching me a lesson. Maybe I let pride get in the way, maybe I thought too much of my parenting skills, and this is my wake up call.

We made the decision to start kindergarten for my little guy last year when he was 4, about to turn 5. Even though others suggested holding him back one more year. But I said no, no, that I'd work with him and get him where he needed to be, but there lies part of the problem. I just assumed that he was like my other two children. We got through kindergarten, and this year first grade has been very difficult. Everyday his papers come home graded with less than stellar scores. I have struggled with becoming frustrated with him. I just couldn't understand what was so hard. My older two kids are scholars. They have always gotten straight A's, they have always been readers, they just get school.

But not my little guy. School isn't his thing. Give him a stick and a cape though, and he's content for hours. Throw a ball to him and he'll make a diving catch for it, give him a golf club and he'll make a great shot, put him in soccer and he'll pound down the field. Ask him to tell you a story, a
nd he'll create a masterpiece. Is he a great reader? No. Does he get good grades? Nope. But he has a personality that will knock your socks off. He is quick and witty and hilarious. He is loving and kind and compassionate. And this mama is learning to let go.

I'm learning to not freak out, to not compare my children, to not focus on the bad, but dwell on the good. Are my children the same? No, but do I love them more than anything? You betcha.

And maybe this is a life lesson for me too. People are quirky and different. But that's okay. I need to learn to meet them where they're at and love them for what they can do and not what they can't.

I'm going to work with my sweet boy and read to him more and help him in any way I can. But I'm also going to praise him for all that he does right. He's 6. He'll be okay. I'll be okay. It'll all be okay.

Just another humbling day in the neighborhood. Good night friends.

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